RMG Lawyers offers qualified legal services in the modalities of legal litigation and legal assistance, which include various aspects of Civil, Commercial, Labor, Administrative, Tax and Criminal Law.

Foreigner Legal Assistance

The purpose of the "Foreigner Legal Assistance" service is to provide specialized advice on immigration matters, so that the foreigner who wishes to carry out economic or professional activities in Paraguay, can achieve admission in the following categories:

  • Permanent residence
    This category is granted to any foreigner who wishes to reside permanently in Paraguay. Foreigners who obtain their permanent residence as "permanent resident" enjoy the same rights and will have the same obligations as any national, in addition they will be able to carry out all kinds of economic activities.
  • Temporary Residence
    This category is granted when the foreigner enters the country with the intention of settling for a certain period of time, while the activities that gave rise to his admission last. The duration of the temporary residence is one (1) year, renewable up to a maximum of six (6) years.
  • Precarious Residence
    This category consists of a special residence permit in the country, which is granted to foreigners who, for work reasons, must stay in Paraguay for a short time. The term of validity is 90 days renewable up to one (1) year.

Foreign Investor Advisory Service

The purpose of the "Foreign Investor Advisory Service" service is to provide assistance to individuals and companies interested in developing economic projects in Paraguay, through the establishment of subsidiaries or commercial companies.

The service includes the elaboration of the bylaws, their formalization by public deed and their registration in the General Directorate of Public Registries. In addition, the administrative procedures for the opening of the company:

  • Registration in the Single Registry of Taxpayers.
  • Book registration before the Public Registry of Commerce.
  • Commercial Patent Application.

Business Legal Assistance

The "Business Legal Assistance" service is framed within the preventive advocacy approach, which aims to save time, problems and money or, where appropriate, to prevent legal problems from being amplified. In this way, it seeks to prevent or solve legal inconveniences, without interfering with the economic activity of the company.

The "Business Legal Assistance" is provided through the services of consultations, opinions, preparation and review of contracts, preparation of labor settlements, summary instruction to employees, assistance in mediation or conciliation before the Labor Administrative Authority and the exercise of defenses in administrative proceedings conducted by State entities.

The advice includes the areas of Corporate Law, Contract Law, Labor Law, Tax Law, Administrative Law and Economic Criminal Law.

Trademark Registration

Our services as Industrial Property Agents include:

  • Brand Feasibility Study
    Which consists of a prior verification of the possible phonetic or graphic coincidences of a certain brand that is intended to be registered with the General Directorate of Industrial Property. This study makes it possible to determine whether a certain brand may eventually be objected to or rejected due to similarities with another. This service requires a minimum investment for each verified Class.
  • Trademark Registration Service
    Which consist of the presentation of the forms corresponding to the trademark registration application, denominative, figurative or mixed, in a specific class, and in the follow-up of the administrative procedure until the granting of the Trademark Title.
  • Brand Renewal Service
    Which consists of managing the renewal of a trademark registration already granted and which is close to the expiration of the validity of the Trademark Title.
  • Brand Surveillance Service
    Which consists of a monthly verification of the trademark registration applications submitted and that are in process before the General Directorate of Industrial Property, in order to verify if any trademark in the registration process has any type of similarity that may affect the Identity of the Registered Trademark.

Judicial Litigation

  • Credits
  • Executive actions
  • Foreclosures
  • Real estate
  • Claim of real estate
  • Purchasing prescription
  • Withholding for improvements
  • Evictions
  • Judicial Measure
  • Condominium division
  • Contracts
  • Contract fulfillment
  • Termination and / or contractual resolution
  • Modification of contracts due to unforeseen circumstances or injuries
  • Nullity of legal acts
  • Damage
  • Lawsuit for compensation of damages for contractual liability
  • Lawsuit for compensation for damages due to extra contractual liability
  • Labor
  • Defense in labor actions
  • Petition for the illegality of strikes
  • Justified dismissal of workers with special stability
  • Criminal Law
  • Formulation of complaints
  • Promotion of criminal complaints
  • Defense in criminal proceedings
  • Challenge of extradition requests
  • Administrative
  • Contentious-administrative lawsuits against state resolutions, departmental or municipal public entities.